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TRG at Arts Industry Conferences

Amelia Northrup-Simpson | May 16, 2012 3:18 PM
Issues that can profoundly affect revenue growth are a hot topic at this year’s round of arts conferences. TRG Arts will be contributing to the dialog on how an organization strategizes around loyalty and the way pricing maximizes revenue—or not. Watch this blog for further posts on what we present and observe.

The Broadway League Conference, New York, NY: CEO Rick Lester co-moderates a panel May 17 at The Broadway League Conference on dynamic pricing. The decision to implement this now ubiquitous tactic affects every single person within an organization. In this session, Rick and colleagues from organizations that have embraced dynamic pricing compare results and debate the merits.

The League of American Orchestras Conference, Dallas, TX: TRG President Jill Robinson and VP of Client Services Keri Mesropov will be in attendance. Jill will lead a presentation June 7 in conjunction with Chicago Symphony Orchestra for Group 1 and 2 marketing directors on “loyalty mapping”, a technique for leveraging the incredible asset available in performing organizations’ loyalty arsenal…the seat.

Americans for the Arts Convention, San Antonio, TX: Vice President Will Lester will bring TRG’s latest findings from 19 U.S. community data networks to exchange ideas on arts advocacy, market penetration, and patronage trends.

Opera America Conference, Philadelphia, PA: On June 15 Rick and Jim DeGood, Director of Marketing at TRG client Lyric Opera of Kansas City, talk dynamic pricing, its place in demand strategy and results that LOKC manifested.

Performing Arts Centers Conference Marketing Consortium, Charlotte, NC: Will Lester asks “So you think you really know your audience?” and will examine who’s really in arts audiences, using data from TRG’s nationwide data networks in his session on June 21.

Theatre Communications Group National Conference, Boston, MA: Jill and Keri will also attend the TCG National Conference in June. Jill is presenting a session entitled “Stick With Us! The Loyalty Business Model” about how to identify the patrons that an organization should value most (surprise—it’s not just major donors) and map out strategies to keep them loyal.

If you are heading to any of these conferences and want to meet up with us, email and we’ll set something up.


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