Jill Robinson, President & CEOleads TRG's day-to-day service to arts and entertainment clients. She developed TRG's counsel on integrated patron loyalty and set the firm's focus on measurable results, both of which have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue — earned and contributed — for clients. More>>

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Keri Mesropov, Vice President of Client Services, leads TRG’s team of consultants and analytics specialists who work on behalf of our clients. The consulting and business intelligence services she presides over have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for arts and cultural organizations. More>>

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Lindsay Anderson, Vice President of Client Development, leads the team which serves to introduce and match arts and culture clients with TRG products and services. Since joining TRG in 2007, she has managed consulting services for the company and has been lead consultant for clients nationally. More>>

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Beth Nily, Chief Financial Officer, leads TRG’s Finance department. She is responsible for ensuring that all financial tasks that are necessary in the operation of a small business are handled in a timely way. More>>

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Our Founder 

Rick Lester

January 19, 1952 – July 20, 2013

Rick Lester formed TRG's counsel on patron behavior trends and demand management in pricing. Early career success in marketing director positions for Cincinnati Symphony and The Cleveland Orchestra led Rick to senior leadership positions in the orchestra field, and on to found TRG Arts in 1995. More>>

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