Staff List

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Nick Agner
Software Developer
Lindsay Anderson
Vice President of Client Development
Tony Babo
IT Architect
Drew Biedronski
Lory Bowman
Senior Consultant
Elissa Brost

Jim DeGood
Director of Client Services
Kate Hagen
Consulting Analyst
Anita Hansen
Senior Consultant
Lee Henry
Training Lead
Misty Hill
Senior Analyst
Sophia Hubeny Account Manager
Rebecca MacNamee
Consulting Analyst
Keri Mesropov
Vice President of Client Services
J.L. Nave
Senior Consultant
Beth Nily
Chief Financial Officer
Amelia Northrup-Simpson
Director of Strategic Communications
Dianne Perkins 
Project Coordinator
Heather Puri
Consulting Analyst
Valerie Reeg

Kevin Replinger
Account Manager
Jill Robinson
President & CEO
Adam Scurto
Consulting Analyst
David Seals Director of Client Development
Joanne Steller
Executive Emeritus
Nariman Tulepkaliev
Senior Analyst
Claudia van Poperingen email
Director of Data Services

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