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Get to know team TRG better. Our expert consultants and analysts have a rich background of experience in the arts industry, and perspectives on current industry trends.

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J.L. Nave, Senior Consultant at TRG Arts

J.L. Nave

Senior Consultant

What I love about the arts

I can’t imagine a world without music, theatre, paintings, dance... Art serves so many different purposes. It’s such a holistic experience that inspires, challenges, entertains, educates. I think about when I was in Baton Rouge during Hurricane Katrina. Our concert venue was being used as a shelter for rescue workers. During that first concert afterward, there were so many new people in a packed house. You could tell that people just needed to hear live music as a community. There was nothing thematic about the program, but it provided an experience where people could escape and feel community as they were re-building. It’s one of the most memorable performances of my career. I’ve been asked “why the arts?” a number of times. I think experiences like that concert make it difficult to put the “why” into words. That feeling was indescribable.

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Lory Bowman, Senior Consultant at TRG Arts

Lory Bowman

Senior Consultant

What I work on

As a senior consultant, I see my role as partner and liaison. I work with clients to assure that they are getting the results that we know are possible. Because we focus on data-driven results, a big part of my job is researching and getting to know each of my clients’ unique situations. In order to help them achieve the best results, I maintain a full view of their needs and where they need to focus.

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Adam Scurto, Senior Associate Consultant at TRG Arts

Adam Scurto

Consulting Analyst

What I work on

As a Consulting Analyst, I work in support of the consulting team on a whole bunch of things. I’m part of our dedicated baseline assessment team for new clients. When a new client comes in, we dig into their initial data, assessing their situation and where the immediate needs for action are. It’s fun, diverse work. I love having a handle on every client who comes in.

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Heather Puri, Consulting Analyst at TRG Arts

Heather Puri

Consulting Analyst

What I work on 

My role as a consulting analyst involves digging into our clients’ data to find out where they are in regards to best practice. For new clients, this serves a baseline starting point for our work and allows the consulting team map out the areas that we’ll address in the consulting relationship. A lot of our clients are doing a great job, and I help find indicators of how they can be even better. I also work on pricing, digging into data to help rescale and rework client pricing plans. And, I run consulting sprints for annual fund, subscription, and single ticket campaign planning.

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National Alliance of Musical Theaters (NAMT) Spring Conference - March 28-April 1, 2017; Los Angeles, CA

American Alliance of Museums - May 7-10, 2017; St. Louis, MO

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Killer Group Sales Campaigns - July 14, 2017; Online

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