Staff Profile: Linda Missling

Linda MisslingLinda Missling

Client Development Manager


What I work on

I’d say my primary function is working with potential clients. I help organizations that are or might be interested in particular services we offer and then move forward those conversations. I also coordinate preview days, which are free sessions we provide to potential clients. We come to their offices to show them what TRG does, what their data says to us and how we might be able to help them, before they make a commitment. 

How my career has evolved

My career has taken a lot of twists and turns. I was at a company a long time and expected to retire there, but I realized that I could make a change in my career. At TRG, I’ve really enjoyed this new role where I nurture client relationships from the first phone call to officially partnering with us.

What I enjoy most about my work

Something that’s really great about working at TRG is that it’s a small company. I used to work for a large company. I never felt like there were goals we were achieving together. Here at TRG, we’re all thrilled when a new client comes on board and we all feel the energy of client successes. I feel like I can contribute in a big way. 

Why I love the arts

I didn’t know I loved the arts! I have a son who has always been “sports, sports, sports” and we just went along with it. I did dabble as a kid with dance, piano, and clarinet. Working for TRG has kind of revived my interest in the arts. Since working here, I went to my first opera and I was absolutely mesmerized. 

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