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In episode 4 of TRG’s Loyalty as a Linchpin series, Fred and Jill break open the employee side of loyalty. They discuss what it takes to build a company culture where you get the most out of everyone on your team. Fred and Jill poke at the challenges of measuring how your people contribute by looking only at financial outcomes and twice-annual performance management reviews. And, what it takes to make the shift to an organization where People Do.

Posted October 17, 2018



In the third episode of this series, Fred and Jill discuss how to test hypotheses and use real-time feedback to help prioritize the best ideas to ensure valuable time and resources remain focused on the right initiatives.








Posted October 9, 2018


Dan Bates
Chief Executive, Sheffield Theatres

"Having the chance to have three months away from major work responsibilities is an exciting and daunting project.”


When I discussed this with my board at the theater more than a year ago, we talked about the purpose of the sabbatical, what I might learn, and what I would bring back to Sheffield Theatres. As the start of the sabbatical came closer and I began the real preparation for being away, I also became focused on preparing our staff team to thrive while I was gone.

Posted October 5, 2018


Vincent VanVleet
Managing Director, Phoenix Theatre

Here’s what I’ve learned about leadership and my roadmap that transformed Phoenix Theatre:


1. Bite off a piece at a time. I can’t emphasize this enough, which is why I placed it at the top of this list. There will be intense pressure from many directions to try and solve everything at once. What I have found is great power in identifying the thing that will provide the biggest lift for your organization, and maintaining focus until it is achieved. 


2. Put your audience ahead of everything else. Curate every aspect of their interactions and experiences from the first time they visit your website to the moment they enter the parking lot. Take control of all of it. Be intentional about those experiences that shape how patrons feel about your organization.

Posted October 5, 2018


Vincent VanVleet
Managing Director, Phoenix Theatre

“There is much discussion recently of the non-profit arts business model being broken. Some even suggest it is dying. While many things about how organizations operate should be put to rest, I believe there is a growing insurrection to challenge the status quo of how our field can work.”

Posted October 5, 2018


David Brownlee

Director of International Strategy


The prospect of a further tightening of regulations regarding the use of customer data across the UK and EU could have seemed like a disaster to a data-driven consultancy like TRG Arts.


Some of the initial ill-informed panic and scare stories in the arts sector around the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May 2018, certainly caught our attention. It is also fair to say there remains a lack of clarity around some of the implications of how GDPR will play out.

Posted October 5, 2018


Keri Mesropov
Vice President, Client Services 


For 23 years, TRG Arts has been in the business of helping the arts transform sustainability. We regularly evaluate the reasons why particular organizations achieve extraordinary results at an incredible pace. In every case, data has served as a lantern that has clearly illuminated where to focus and what to change to achieve superior results.


But the leaders of these organizations know exemplary results rely on their own stead fast attention in five core areas.

Posted October 5, 2018


Eric Nelson
Client Engagement Officer

“We invest in Barter and our employees. They grow as we grow. We plan for our staff to blossom.”

Richard Rose, Barter Theatre


Data and analytics are important, but they don’t make the work happen. It is the staff who implement plans, build relationships, and deliver results. All too often, our industry finds it difficult to invest in the personal and professional development of staff. This has led to the common wisdom that “to grow, I’ve got to go” in order to gain more responsibility and salary. This lack of corporate ladder has huge ramifications. Staff turnover is expensive.

Posted October 5, 2018


David Seals
Director of Client Development

Every person on your team is growing daily in one of two directions: adding to or detracting from the work. As the chief executive, it’s illuminating to ask yourself two honest questions:

1. Visualize your star performer, the one you can count on when it matters. What characteristics define them? What affect do they have on the organization? On the people around them?

2. Visualize your lowest performing employee. What characteristics define them? What affect do they have on the organization? On the people around them?

Posted October 5, 2018


In the second episode of this series, Fred and Jill discuss why he prefers open-ended feedback and conversation over traditional surveys, and how that inspired him to create the Net Promoter Score and System. Fred also talks about what it takes to measure the effectiveness of a mission, and how arts organizations can use data to test assumptions and learn quickly to continuously improve.

Posted October 3, 2018


Loyalty as a Linchpin: A conversation with Fred Reichheld is a new six-part series TRG Arts is sharing with the field focused on loyalty and sustainability. This series features TRG’s President & CEO Jill Robinson with Fred Reichheld, the author, researcher, and management consultant The New York Times refers to as the person who “put loyalty economics on the map.” Reichheld is often known from the Net Promoter System and Score he created, and his more than 40-year history of studying the economics of loyalty at the management consulting firm, Bain and Company. TRG Arts believes Reichheld is uniquely positioned to help arts and cultural leaders understand what impact loyalty can have on the sustainability and growth of the arts and cultural industry.

Posted September 27, 2018


Thursday 1 November

4-5pm GMT | 12-1pm ET | 11am-12pm CT | 10-11am MT | 9-10am PT


When your ticket sales are struggling, it isn’t just about your pricing. There are other key metrics that might be hiding the real story.


Join TRG Arts’ consultants Christina Hill and Stephen Skrypec as they describe the Five Reasons why your ticket sales might be declining. Through sharing insights, strategies and case studies Christina and Stephen will demonstrate how you can improve your sales, drive loyalty and grow revenue in your organisation. Participants will come away with tactical ways in which they can take action to implement strategies when ticket sales are not going as anticipated.

Posted September 13, 2018


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