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TRG Insights


By Stephen Skrypec, VP, UK & Europe 

It’s so tricky to balance the demands of our work and personal lives. I’ve been personally pre-occupied in juggling my work with arts organisations across UK and North America, thinking about my responsibilities, along with the demands of my colleagues and client partnerships. We’d all benefit from having clarity in our busy, easily distracted lives, and to know where to go if we’re not getting the support that we need.  

Posted January 30, 2020


How A Small Theatre Company Achieved Big Results

Great River Educational Arts Theatre
(a.k.a. GREAT) is a small but mighty regional producing theater company in central Minnesota. After years of, as Executive Director Dennis Whipple put it, “becoming addicted to TRG’s free studies and videos,” the organization decided to sign up for two TRG consulting sprints that focused on subscriptions and single tickets.

Posted January 28, 2020


For years, there has been an obsession in the arts and cultural industry with attracting Millennials. They have been viewed as the silver bullet to offsetting declining sales and donations. It's true, engaging Millennials is important, but it's only one part of a strategy for success. Arts organizations need to engage audiences that reflect a broad range of demographic and psychological profiles. In this session, learn how to understand your organization's market potential, how to set realistic benchmarks and budgets, and how to build loyalty with new audiences. We will share case studies of how organizations are successfully growing audiences.

Posted January 11, 2020


Smart investments drive high returns. Stephen Skrypec outlines three points to consider during the budget planning process. 

Posted December 10, 2019


Arts Leadership Book Club is designed with the “learning and curious” executive leader in mind, to develop themselves in dialague with their peers.

Our next Book Club will gather a group of arts and cultural leaders and emerging leaders from across the globe for a conversation to discuss the themes in Radical Candor

Posted December 9, 2019


When Adrian Jackson, Chief Executive and Artistic Director, arrived at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre in 2015, he needed to overcome an enormous challenge: the total withdrawal of local authority funding within two years. This new revenue gap combined with opportunities presented by an impending venue remodel--a complete front-of-house renovation and upgrade of the auditorium’s seating--led Adrian to seek TRG Arts’ expertise. 

Posted December 6, 2019


By Lory Bowman, Senior Consultant

When Music Theatre Wichita came on board with TRG Arts for a Revenue Accelerator consultancy, their primary goals were two-fold: utilize TRG’s expertise to update their self-described “antiquated methods” and do so in a way that would maximize results without breaking their staff or the patron relationships that had been developed over 47 seasons.

Posted December 5, 2019


*This session was presented at the National Arts Marketing Project Conference in November 2019.*

For years, there has been an obsession in the arts and cultural industry with millennials being the “special sauce” in audience development to offset the declining participation of the silent generation and baby boomers. It’s true that strategies around engaging millennials should be one piece of any organization’s marketing and development plan. However, there are some significant caveats worth understanding before going all in with this generation.

Posted November 22, 2019


By Jim DeGood, Director of Client Services
Supporting Analysis: Nariman Tulepkaliev

Nearly every economist agrees that the global economy is overdue for a recession and that the unprecedented decade-long economic expansion in the US is certain to come to an end. It’s critical for the arts and culture sector to start working toward ensuring the foundational elements of a strong operating model are in place before the eventual recession occurs. Jim DeGood shares Six Things Any Arts & Cultural Organization Can Do Right Now in a Looming Recession.

Posted October 30, 2019


By Caitlin Green, Client Engagement Officer

Think again if you believe subscription isn’t alive and well for presenting institutions. That’s right: Subscription is alive AND well. To illustrate the point, these three presenting institutions Lied Center for Performing Arts, Yavapai College Performing Arts Center and Midland Center for the Arts have all seen tremendous subscription success over the past few seasons.

Posted October 28, 2019


Complacent leadership, clever technology, changes in consumer patterns… these things have lulled us into ignoring the entrepreneurial power of the place where tickets are actually sold. It’s 2019. Think you or your team’s job is just about excellent fulfilment? Customer service? The best technology? Think again. Your organization deserves—must have—a box office that creates income and deepens customer relationships, every day, all year.

Posted October 14, 2019


Executive leaders must make time to develop themselves in dialogue with their peers and Arts Leadership Book Club is designed with the “learning and curious” executive leader in mind.

Posted October 10, 2019


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