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Five years. As I told a colleague recently, it seems like yesterday and at the same time so long ago that TRG Arts founder, my friend and business partner, Rick Lester, passed. As many of you know, Rick was a cyclist and at the time of his death in the summer of 2013 was riding for a charity event in the sunny brilliance of July’s Colorado mountains. He was having the time of his life, summiting Vail Pass and being his epic, brilliant, enormous self.  That’s his legacy, the way we’ll always remember him.

Posted July 17, 2018


By Stephen Skrypec, Consulting Analyst

In recent weeks, there has been passionate online discussion around whether rising average ticket prices were having an impact on attendance. Frequently, in our work with clients we find that when it comes to pricing, people have opinions or viewpoints that come from personal experience. As always, we recommend taking a hard look at the data to see what’s happening in your organisation. Don’t be distracted by ticket prices alone - there are other key metrics that might be hiding the real story.

Posted July 13, 2018


Jill Robinson, CEO & President

In April, I hosted our inaugural Arts Leadership Book Club, focused on Gillian Tett’s The Silo Effect. More than 30 arts leaders joined me from the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia to discuss Tett’s observations about silos and their effect on arts and cultural organizations.

The Arts Leadership Book Club is designed especially for what I’m beginning to call the “learning or curious” executive leader. The upcoming Wednesday, August 29th book club will focus on Simon Sinek’s book Leaders Eat Last. I’ve chosen it because I see how it could help us, as leaders, discover our role in making the culture of our organizations great. 

Posted July 13, 2018


David Brownlee, Director of International Strategy

Over the last fifteen years I’ve been lucky to get a variety of international perspectives on how the arts are funded and delivered in different nations. A trip to China a decade ago blew my mind. Everything thing was so different and changing fast. As managers struggled with the notion of getting audiences to pay for tickets (previously tickets were distributed free and you were expected to attend), armies of builders were constructing massive, iconic new performing arts venues. No-one seemed quite sure what would be filling their stages or where their new audiences were likely to come from.

Posted July 13, 2018


The fact is, subscriptions are a viable model for today’s audience. But, selling them requires a different approach than it has in the past. While it takes work to build or resuscitate your subscription scheme, it is achievable and you already have many of the tools you need to do it.

Join TRG Arts’ consultants Christina Hill and Stephen Skrypec as they share insights, strategies and case studies that demonstrate how subscription can be leveraged to drive loyalty and grow revenue.

Watch the webinar >>

Posted July 12, 2018


"I was excited to have contributed to the discussion session ‘Venues and Producers: New ways of working’ at the 2018 Theatre & Touring Symposium and to have provoked some new ideas around possible incentives that both producers and venues need to offer each other in order to achieve mutual success."

Continue to read Jill's blog post >>

Posted July 2, 2018



In autumn 2015 Sheffield Theatres was in a good place, seeing increasing revenue returns and having won UK Regional Theatre of the Year twice in consecutive years at The Stage Awards. However, with decreasing public funding, the organisation knew it needed to make dramatic changes to ensure a sustainable future.

“Public funding accounted for 24% of our income when I arrived at the organisation in 2009,” said Chief Executive Dan Bates. “By 2015 that had fallen to 13% – about a £500,000 difference – and we were aware that our Local Authority funding could disappear. We didn’t want to become too reliant on increasing ticket prices and were experimenting a lot with different pricing plans, but with so many pressures on our time, it felt like we were just tinkering rather than having a strategic approach.”

Posted June 20, 2018


 Eric Nelson
Client Development Officer

I recently rejoined TRG Arts team in the newly created role of Client Engagement Officer (having been on staff previously as a Senior Consultant). Having been a consultant, and now on the Client Development team, gives me a unique perspective on how I can work with I recently rejoined TRG Arts, 
having been a Senior Consultant from 2007 to 2009. In my newly created role, Client Engagement Officer, I strategize with potential, former, and current clients regarding how they can achieve deeper patron engagement and realize greater revenue growth.

Posted June 19, 2018


 Jill Robinson
President & CEO, TRG Arts

This past April, CEO Jill Robinson attended the Canadian Arts Summit at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity for a weekend of arts leadership conversation and cultivation across Canada.  As an invited guest speaker and panellist, Jill shares her insight and perspective on the experience.

The Canadian Arts Summit is one of the most high-impact professional experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being included in.  Wonderful speakers, creative locations, and great dialogue that is operationalized in a way to help cultivate a set of intense experiences for arts leadership in Canada.  “How do you do it?” I asked Nichole Anderson Bergeron, President & CEO of Toronto-based Business for the Arts, the host and creator of the event.

Posted May 23, 2018


Neil Chandler, Venue Director, Fairfield Halls, attended our UK & Europe Executive Summit in London in 2018 with a group of senior leaders from arts and cultural organisations across the UK. 

He reflects on his time attending the Executive Summit and opportunities ahead.  

Posted April 24, 2018


Are you on auto-pilot with your dynamic pricing? Or maybe you’re considering dynamic pricing, but aren’t sure where to start?

Hear from TRG Arts’ Christina Hill and Stephen Skrypec, plus special guest Claire Murray, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Sheffield Theatres, and learn about our three-pronged strategy for pricing and demand management.

>>Watch the webinar

Posted April 19, 2018


Facing stalled audience growth and revenue, reductions is subsidy and a  significantly lower yield than other comparable organisations in the UK, Chief Executive of Nottingham Playhouse Stephanie Sirr, newly appointed Head of Marketing and Communications Joanna Sigsworth, and their team were ready to dramatically change the way they approached selling tickets. 

Their new approach to sales and marketing operations  led to: 

  • More than 14k increase in combined single ticket admissions and tickets sold to members
  • 34% growth in new membership 
  • 15% yield increase for full price single tickets and 26% yield increase for tickets sold to members

Learn how Nottingham Playhouse achieved these stellar results in this new case study. 

Posted March 27, 2018


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