10.31.2012 Webinar: Dynamic Pricing or Loyalty?

10.31.2012 Webinar: Dynamic Pricing or Loyalty?

TRG’s latest work has focused on how ticket pricing and inventory management practices impact patron loyalty.  The conclusion?  Pricing – especially top-end tactics like dynamic pricing – must recognize and reflect the impact of these strategies on the loyalty of subscribers, donors, group and single seat buyers alike.  Why?  The risk of reduced contributed revenues is too great to ignore. 

In this webinar, CEO Rick Lester and President Jill Robinson offer must-know insights about the new tools, processes, and revenue results that come from placing the most loyal patrons in the best seats at the best price.

You’ll learn about:
•    Making strategy decisions now that can payoff in more revenue and more loyal patrons next season.
•    “Loyalty mapping” to measure and observe best pricing practices for subscription packages, seat assignments, scaling the house, and discounting policies.
•    How to tell your price story in ways that secure loyalists (like subscribers) and drive newcomers to return back often.

Savvy managers will apply these techniques to grow sales revenues while improving both the demand for tickets and measurable growth in patron loyalty scores.

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Posted November 1, 2012

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