11.08-11.11 NAMP Conference

11.08-11.11 NAMP Conference

Join Jill Robinson, Will Lester, David Seals and Amelia Northrup-Simpson at the National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) Conference in Portland, OR. A full schedule and more information is available on the conference website.

President Jill Robinson will host a roundtable entitled "The Three Most Actionable Findings in Art Research" with Zannie Girard-Voss of Southern Methodist University.

Amelia Northrup-Simpson, Strategic Communications Specialist at TRG, will team with David Dombrosky of Instant Encore and Amanda DeMarco of Academy of Vocal Arts to present "The Patron Lens: Using Data-Driven Targeted Messaging To Engage Audiences."

Interested in meeting up while we're there? Email LetsTalk@trgarts.com.


Posted October 28, 2013

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