05.07.2013 TRG Webinar: Plant Loyalty Now

05.07.2013 TRG Webinar: Plant Loyalty Now

Patron relationships matter more in 2013 because the arts landscape is  “more like shifting sand than fertile soil,” said Jill Robinson,  President, at the TRG Arts May 7 webinar, Plant Loyalty Now.   The higher the portion of patron-centric revenue is, “the more organizations need to focus on, invest in, and partner with patrons to sustain income. The webinar offered strategic tactics around starting campaigns early, building on blockbusters, and patron upgrades at every level engagement.

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Growth is finally starting to bud among arts organizations across North America for the first time in several years. Yet TRG Arts is still observing an uncertain arts landscape that will require plenty of attention, time and resources if increased patron engagement is to sprout, take root and fully blossom.

In this one-hour TRG webinar, President Jill Robinson shares what field study and data are saying about the current patron “planting season.”  Hear TRG’s most fertile ideas for growing loyalty – and associated sustaining revenue – this springtime in The Year of the Patron.

You’ll learn:
• Why loyalty efforts mitigate risks in the current arts landscape.
• How data is the water that helps loyalty grow.
• Case examples of the three best strategic tactics to plant loyalty this spring.

Posted May 8, 2013

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