10.24-10.26 Arts Reach Conference

10.24-10.26 Arts Reach Conference

Join VP of Client Services Keri Mesropov at the ArtsReach National Arts Marketing, Development, and Ticketing Conference in San Francisco, CA. Don't miss her session, entitled "Monetizing Audience Engagement, A Love Story". 

Session description:

Isn’t it funny that we use the term “engagement” to describe audience interaction with our organizations? The word can mean ‘get together” -- a meeting or visit.  It can also mean commitment as in promise to marry.    As that range of definition implies, and two decades of arts consumer research shows, engagement has the plot lines of a love story.  Take, for instance, that first engagement with a new audience member who has never before walked into your organization’s life.  Their doing so is the culmination of a flirtation –or first date -- that might end up being a one-night stand or the beginning of a long-lasting relationship that imparts value (money) by both parties.  Your organization’s understanding of patrons – especially those you’ve worked hard to bring in the first time –is part of the script.  You write a happy ending or tear-jerker, depending on what you do.  In this 90-minute workshop, TRG Arts’ veteran patron loyalty consultant Keri Mesropov compares your way of relationship-building to the happily-ever-after best practices that are sustaining smart arts organizations.  Take a quick diagnostic quiz and evaluate for yourself what’s working, what’s not, and what you want to do better to romance and win patrons.

Visit the Arts Reach website to see the full conference schedule and register.

Interested in meeting up with Keri while she's in San Francisco? Email  .

Posted July 28, 2013

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