Seat-o-nomics: Demand-Based Pricing Strategies for Chamber Music Organizations [slideshow]

Seat-o-nomics: Demand-Based Pricing Strategies for Chamber Music Organizations [slideshow]

Lindsay Anderson
VP of Client Development
What motivates someone to attend a concert? And, more, importantly, what drives them to attend again and again? Arts managers (and patrons themselves) often cite price as the main and biggest incentive for arts attendance. Certainly price plays a major role in a customer’s decision-making process. 

But pricing doesn’t mean anything unless it’s attached to value. It’s a two-sided equation, with price on one side and demand—how much a patron wants the experience—on the other.

Luckily, you have tools that can sweeten the value proposition for your audiences. Ticketing inventory, historical data, discounting, and the choice and timing of programming can help you incentivize audiences to engage with you again and again.

This session was presented at the 2016 Chamber Music America Conference in New York City. TRG's VP of Client Development Lindsay Anderson discussed:
- Strategies to attract audiences to low, middle, and high-demand concerts
- How to incentivize loyalty based on demand for programming
- When and how to approach discounting and dynamic pricing

Posted January 8, 2016

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