The Elements of Successful Leadership

The Elements of Successful Leadership

Keri Mesropov
Vice President, Client Services 

For 23 years, TRG Arts has been in the business of helping the arts transform sustainability. We regularly evaluate the reasons why particular organizations achieve extraordinary results at an incredible pace. In every case, data has served as a lantern that has clearly illuminated where to focus and what to change to achieve superior results.


But the leaders of these organizations know exemplary results rely on their own stead fast attention in five core areas:


Organizational Prowess

To lead and operate around the premise that a team works collaboratively on behalf of your

organization versus on independent goals. This focus breeds a culture of collaboration and with that comes efficiency and buzz-worthy service. Systems through which to do this must also be in place, trained on, and insisted upon.



Inviting, through data-driven strategies, all patrons to become more loyal to our arts and cultural institutions is the only business model that will create sustainability for your organization. The data proves this true every time. Everyone in the organization can have an impact in fostering this, together. Are they? And, what about internal loyalty? Are our people loyal to our organization? To you as leaders? This has a direct impact on results.



With trust comes ease, fearlessness, and lightning speed. When we trust the people we lead, things get done right and well. True leaders talk about their feelings of trust constantly. These leaders communicate with regularity and transparency.


The Right People

The best leaders invest their time and attention in their people, as much as the art. All too often, organizations believe they must take what they can get for the low salaries they offer. The hiring processes are brief and professional development opportunities are few and far between. The net result: mediocrity is often accepted and a belief that developing the right people is unobtainable. Great leaders understand that having the right people on their team will move mountains. And, they reject staff turnover because the data proves the cost of it is unsustainable.



Do you, executive leader, believe in the art you put on stage or in the halls of your museum? Do you believe in your team members and their ability to lead the institution forward with rigor? Your regular demonstration of belief (or disbelief ) shines through on your annual bottom line and how you are viewed by your people.

Want truly remarkable, celebrate-able results? It starts, continues, and ends with you. Your insistence that these five areas be critical values will create the environment in which anything is possible. Believe it.

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Posted October 5, 2018

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