Webinar: Audiences Fact vs. Fiction

Webinar: Audiences Fact vs. Fiction

Audiences Fact vs. Fiction: 

Data-Informed Audience Development for Guthrie Theater

Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota wanted to better understand how to engage diverse and under-served communities with their programming. In this webinar, Kate Hagen (Senior Consultant) outlines how TRG Arts helped Guthrie Theater address three questions that they had: 

  • Who are the audiences Guthrie Theater serves now? 
  • What is the diversity of Guthrie Theater’s community? and;
  • What are the current attendance trends of the diverse audiences that Guthrie Theater has?

In addition, Cori Medler (Data Services Manager) gives a broad overview of TRG’s Data Center, a cloud-based software service for the arts, that assists with: building targeted marketing campaigns, prospecting and acquisition through list trading, and do organizational and community research. You'll gain a better understanding of how organizations in TRG Community Networks can do demographic and buying-habit patron research through this permission-based list trading tool. 

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Posted January 21, 2019

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