What we do

What we do

The Results Group for the Arts (TRG Arts) is a data-driven consulting firm obsessed with your success. We invite you to learn from our experts in marketing, pricing, and fundraising—all through the lens of patron loyalty. Let’s grow the love of your patrons together, from first-time ticket buyers to longtime donors.

Whether you're in North America or the UK, no other firm has a depth of knowledge like our experts. Best practices evolve. Come learn with us.

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We are The Results Group for the Arts.

We teach arts marketers, fundraisers, and executive leaders how to grow sustainable revenue and patronage. Learn how we can transform each area of your business:

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Our services

Long-term consulting engagements

If you’d like to have longer-term and lasting impacting on your organization's operations, consider either our Revenue Accelerator or Capacity Building consulting engagements. These on-going projects are high-touch, high impact and our clients see the greatest results out of all the work we do.

Our Revenue Accelerator Consultancy has an emphasis on marketing sales, while the Capacity Building Consultancy is our premier consulting service with a focus on organizational transformation. Both consulting engagements will help your organization grow deeper patron relationships during every interaction, and grow revenues at every stage of engagement. TRG’s expert consultants offer an approach that is customized to your organization's unique situation and will work along with your team to offer data-driven results. 

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Short-term “sprint” engagements

These 1-2 day consulting intensives deliver actionable, results-driven plans customized to your organization. Designed to deliver impact quickly, sprints provide a powerful boost to savvy marketing and development leaders who can return home to implement with their teams.

Demand Management & Pricing Sprint

Build full-looking houses and maximize revenue from every ticket. We’ll use your data to rescale your venue and teach you to manage ticket inventory strategically to grow loyalty and revenues. 


Sales & Patron Services Management Sprint

Turn your sales team into a cross- and up-sell machine with an intensive that teaches your box office manager(s) ways to inspire and incentivize a loyalty-focused staff.


Subscription Campaign Planning Sprint

Build an actionable, multi-channel subscription campaign plan that works for today’s culture and lifestyle. Eighty percent of TRG clients are growing subscription. Find out why.


Single Ticket Campaign Planning Sprint

Craft a detailed single ticket campaign plan for your entire season, retaining and upgrading last year’s ticket buyers, while finding (and keeping) optimal new prospects from your community.


Annual Fund Campaign Planning Sprint

Major donors rarely arise from nowhere. Build a plan to identify, qualify, cultivate and retain patrons into a lasting, sustainable revenue base of philanthropy. 


Loyalty Planning Sprint

Armed with information from TRG’s signature pair of loyalty data analytics, our expert consultants will identify and address gaps in your loyalty continuum and help you build a growth path for every patron in your database. 


TRG Data Center

Maximize the data in your CRM or ticketing system(s) through the TRG Data Center, a cloud-based software service that allows you to segment your data, build targeted direct mail campaigns, perform demographic and buying-habit research about your patrons, and trade mailing lists with your peers via a permission-based system. 

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TRG Community Networks

Manual list-trading is a thing of the past. When multiple organizations in the same region combine their data into the TRG Data Center, they form a TRG Community Network that catalogues the data into actionable segments that you can request from one another in a secure, permission-based environment. Make better trade requests, informed by audience crossover and demographic patron attributes, and see your response rates grow.  

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Analytics & Research

Patron Loyalty Index

TRG's signature analysis details loyalty, household by household in your database, to identify ways to grow patronage holistically, across the marketing, development and box office departments.

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Key Metrics

Understand how you compare with peer organizations in critical factors like attraction of new-to-file patrons, retention and attrition rates across tickets, memberships, subscriptions and donations.

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Arts Community Research

Learn from TRG’s analysis of arts patron behavior in the context of entire communities. 

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Response Reporting

Savvy marketers get smarter with every campaign. Knowing which of your segments get the highest ROI saves you money by helping you identify revenue potential from your best segments, while eliminating mail costs to unproductive segments.

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COVID-19 Impact on Theatre Sales Uneven Across the UK 

Scotland and Northern Ireland felt greatest initial impact before UK theatres were shut down  

Bristol, UK—27 April 2020--Today international arts management consultants TRG Arts and UK arts data specialists Purple Seven have released new analysis of the impact on daily sales in different parts of the UK. 

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Professional development

TRG Arts Executive Summit

Come together with executive leaders in arts and culture to learn how to effectively lead your arts organization toward sustainable revenue growth.

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Learn from the industry’s leading arts consultants in a classroom setting. Take action on your organization's most impactful issues with our workshops, boot camps, and intensives. 

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