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Sharing arts data leads
to a larger, more loyal
patron base. 


TRG Arts believes in a holistic, community-wide approach to cultivating arts patrons. When arts organizations work together using high-quality data about their audiences, their entire community sees an increase in the number of patrons attending arts events, making donations, and spending money in their local economy.

To put this belief into action, TRG built and supports over 20 community networks across the United States, driven by a powerful, cloud-based data management tool called TRG Data Center. Once your arts organization joins a network, Data Center will help you grow your earned revenue through:

•    Permission-based list trading. A streamlined way to trade targeted patron lists with
     other nonprofit arts organizations in your area, while keeping your data 100% in your
•    Analysis and reporting. Data Center reports give you insight about your patrons,
     including geographic analysis, patron cross-over, and demographic reporting.
•    At-your-fingertips merge/purge. Every mailing list created in Data Center is merged,
     de-duplicated, and run through the National Change of Address Registry, giving you
     quick and accurate counts and saving you money at the mail house.

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