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TRG Data Center is a cloud-based software service that allows you to build targeted direct mail campaigns, perform demographic and buying-habit research about your patrons, and trade mailing lists with your peers via a permission-based system.

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Why choose TRG Data Center?

TRG Data Center combines and standardizes data from all participating organizations, compiling it in one powerful place for list-building and market research. When you upload your patron data, TRG appends it weekly with over 200 consumer demographic variables and runs it through NCOA hygiene quarterly. With clean, ready-to-use data, you can:

  • Trade patron data in a secure, permission-based environment
  • Browse an online catalogue of segments available from peer organizations in your community
  • Request and approve/deny trade segments through an email-integrated interface
  • Send files directly to your mail house via an easy file download process

  • Research your patrons
  • Find out which local arts events your patrons attend around your community, so you can identify the best peer organizations for trading or collaboration
  • Run demographic reports on any group of patrons or donors, to identify characteristics like net worth, ethnicity, children, age, interests, and more
  • Study the combined prospect pool of all local arts patrons to see multi-buying behavior, crossover, and demographics across the entire community

  • Build targeted direct mail campaigns
  • Define your key market segments with start-up counsel from TRG’s experts, so you can speak to your patrons in ways that increase their loyalty
  • Target your campaigns by patron multi-buying behavior, geography (city, state, zip, county or SCF), or demographic variables* (additional fees apply)
  • Build acquisition campaigns using trade data from peers (approval required)
  • Integrate data from as many ticketing or donor systems as you like, all combined in one holistic view of your patron base

  • Save money at the mail house
  • TRG Data Center performs merge/purge, suppression, address standardization and NCOA hygiene at no additional charge.
  • Mail houses download your lists directly from Data Center, ready to use.

  • Train yourself on Data Center 24/7
  • Video tutorials, downloadable training guides, and pop-up help text
  • Email support via TRG Help Desk

What people are saying about TRG Data Center

"Data Center has had a great impact on our organization. We primarily use it to facilitate mailing list trades with other organizations, but I use it even when mailing to our own list segments because I know the data is clean and run through NCOA. It is also handy as an audience research tool because of the ability to examine crossover among audience segments within our organization as well as with other organizations, among other things."

Dan Comly, Marketing Director at FringeArts 


"TRG Data Center is an integral part of our targeted marketing strategy, allowing us to mail the right patron with the right offer. The demographics tools provide an easy method to understand our patrons and how they vary by segment. On top of all that, the tool itself is easy to use and support is always timely."

Samantha Franck, Director of Marketing at Ballet Arizona 


“It’s hard to imagine a tool that is as easy to use and overflowing with insights. TRG’s Data Center allows my team to facilitate list trades, dig deeper into our own data, and harness a better sense of the NYC arts community. Plus, being part of our local consortium draws us closer to our colleagues.”

Kyle Sircus, Director of Marketing at Playwrights Horizons


Does Data Center replace my ticketing system/donor database?

No. Data Center is designed to complement your system(s), so that everyone in the community can work with a standardized dataset. Though you could choose to build all of your lists in Data Center (and many organizations do,) you’ll want to retain the systems through which you sell tickets and process donations.

How does my data get into Data Center?

We’ve made it simple to load data from almost any arts software system, using a field-mapping process that allows you to easily map your database fields to TRG’s standard fields. After your initial load, Data Center remembers your mapping so that keeping your account updated is simple for subsequent loads.

Do I need to be in a community network to use TRG Data Center?

No. Many organizations use the Data Center to access the demographic data that is not available in their own ticketing and fundraising systems. Others find value in combining data from multiple systems in one place, giving them a holistic view of their patrons. List-trading is an added value for those organizations who have other Data Center users in their area, but it is not necessary.

How do I get started?

Schedule your software demo today by emailing  . We'll also talk about your organization's needs, which Data Center license is right for you, and the first steps you'll need to take to get your data ready to upload.

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