09.29-10.01 Blackbaud Conference

09.29-10.01 Blackbaud Conference

Join Vice President of Strategic Communications Joanne Steller for a session entitled "The Making of a Donor-Ready Patron" at the Blackbaud Conference in Washington, D.C. Conference schedule and registration information are available on the Blackbaud website

Session description:

In this 75-minute mini-workshop, TRG’s veteran consultant Joanne Steller will help you evaluate your cultivation efforts alongside the happily-ever-after best practices that are sustaining smart arts organizations. Learn about the loyalty steps your patrons are taking toward donor-readiness and the initiatives you can take to keep moving patron relationships to the next level.

Interested in meeting up while she's there? Email LetsTalk@trgarts.com.

Posted August 30, 2013

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