TRG Webinar: The death of the subscription has been greatly exaggerated

2.12.2015 Webinar: The death of the subscription has been greatly exaggerated

Why subscriptions still sustain the arts and ways to rescue your subscription program 

President & CEO
Jill Robinson

Let’s face it; the subscription has been uncool for years. While disruptive technologies and changing arts consumer behavior have transformed the way arts managers see their business model, the subscription has declined and stagnated. “Subscriptions are dead” is now conventional wisdom in our industry. 

But, if subscriptions were truly dead, wouldn’t they have just disappeared by now? Inconveniently, subscriptions incentivize loyalty and provide sustainable revenue that's difficult to find elsewhere in any audience-centered business model. Many organizations that have tried to innovate in this area have found themselves in a state of subscription emergency. 

The fact is, subscriptions are still viable, but selling them today requires a different mindset than it did 5, 10, or 20 years ago. While it takes work to rescue and resuscitate your subscription program, it's achievable and you already have many of the tools you need to do it. In this webinar, hosted by CEO & President Jill Robinson, you'll hear: 

  • Evidence that subscription survives and yes, even thrives, at arts organizations today
  • How subscription can build loyalty among audiences
  • What it takes in 2015 to rescue your subscription program

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Posted February 13, 2015

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