TRG webinar: Better Together

5.13.2015 Webinar: Better Together

Loyalty, Collaboration, and Community in Philadelphia

Wednesday, May 13 at 2 EDT/11 PDT

You may know the buying and donating patterns of your own audience. But do you know how they engage with the other arts organizations in your community? And does that mean you’re in competition with them or have opportunities to collaborate?

Seventeen arts and cultural institutions in the Philadelphia area set out to find the answers to those very questions. The study they commissioned investigated the buying and donating behavior of nearly 1 million arts audience and visitor households over seven years, with interesting findings about community engagement and audience loyalty. Researchers profiled how loyal patrons were to each individual organization and tracked patterns of loyalty across the community.

Join the research team from the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance and TRG Arts in this hour-long, free webinar. You’ll learn: 

  • The most relevant findings from this ground-breaking study
  • How patrons at different levels of loyalty invested in the Philadelphia arts community at large
  • Why data shows that collaboration and cooperation between organizations strengthens community-wide arts audiences
  • How your own audience may be behaving based on the behavior patterns found in this study
  • What your organization can do to create and keep loyal supporters

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patron loyalty study

Download the original research report: 2014 Patron Loyalty Study

17 arts organizations. Seven years of data. Nearly 1 million arts patrons. One community. Learn what we found about community engagement in Philadelphia by profiling audience loyalty within each individual organization, and tracking loyal behavior across the community.

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Posted May 13, 2015

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