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By Jill Robinson, CEO

A crystal ball… in Week 3 of TRG 30 it’s clear we’re all looking for and needing one. The advance questions from our group of more than 800 registrants were almost entirely about the future—when we’ll be able to reschedule, program, open doors. And what to do now that we know, on the main, that this won’t be happening soon.

Posted April 3, 2020


By Jill Robinson, CEO

Week Two of TRG 30 brought more than 500 global arts and cultural leaders together, and it was clear that everyone’s minds are still squarely focused on the “here and now”. Managing and maintaining cash and revenue streams is crucial; it’s where we focused our findings and Q&A. We’re also discovering that so many questions and situations are defined by the market, nation, business model, financial security going into the crisis, and more. Moving forward, TRG 30 will be the place to learn about themes affecting our sector, and our LinkedIn Group: TRG 30 Virtual Network will become the place to get specific questions answered by TRG consultants and peers from around the globe.

Posted March 26, 2020


By Jill Robinson, CEO

On Tuesday, more than 350 international arts leaders joined me for our first TRG 30, designed to provide a sector clearinghouse and gathering place for action during the COVID-19 crisis.  Not surprisingly, everyone’s minds, today, was focused on the NOW.  First up: maintaining relationships with patrons at a time when we’re not open, not performing, not accessible as normal.  As normal.

Posted March 18, 2020


By Jill Robinson, CEO  

It made me cry.  Joyously. 

On Friday, organizational psychologist Adam Grant (@AdamMGrant) tweeted a video from Siena, Tuscany, in Italy. I heard it more than saw it: voices coming from open windows, singing a “popular song from their houses along an empty street to warm their hearts during the Italian Covid-19 lockdown,” tweeted the person on-site. (Please, take 15 seconds to watch it. It will lift you; I promise.) 

Posted March 16, 2020


TRG 30 is a special series of weekly 30-minute virtual roundtables with CEO Jill Robinson for the next 6-weeks. As the economic and industry impact continues to unfold from COVID-19, TRG Arts wants to be a resource to arts and cultural organizations. Jill will share best practices on how to manage short-term impact and how to bring focus to an organization's business model for long-term gain. 

Posted March 13, 2020


By Stephen Skrypec, VP, UK & Europe 

It’s so tricky to balance the demands of our work and personal lives. I’ve been personally pre-occupied in juggling my work with arts organisations across UK and North America, thinking about my responsibilities, along with the demands of my colleagues and client partnerships. We’d all benefit from having clarity in our busy, easily distracted lives, and to know where to go if we’re not getting the support that we need.  

Posted January 30, 2020


How A Small Theatre Company Achieved Big Results

Great River Educational Arts Theatre
(a.k.a. GREAT) is a small but mighty regional producing theater company in central Minnesota. After years of, as Executive Director Dennis Whipple put it, “becoming addicted to TRG’s free studies and videos,” the organization decided to sign up for two TRG consulting sprints that focused on subscriptions and single tickets.

Posted January 28, 2020


For years, there has been an obsession in the arts and cultural industry with attracting Millennials. They have been viewed as the silver bullet to offsetting declining sales and donations. It's true, engaging Millennials is important, but it's only one part of a strategy for success. Arts organizations need to engage audiences that reflect a broad range of demographic and psychological profiles. In this session, learn how to understand your organization's market potential, how to set realistic benchmarks and budgets, and how to build loyalty with new audiences. We will share case studies of how organizations are successfully growing audiences.

Posted January 11, 2020


Smart investments drive high returns. Stephen Skrypec outlines three points to consider during the budget planning process. 

Posted December 10, 2019


Arts Leadership Book Club is designed with the “learning and curious” executive leader in mind, to develop themselves in dialague with their peers.

Our next Book Club will gather a group of arts and cultural leaders and emerging leaders from across the globe for a conversation to discuss the themes in Radical Candor

Posted December 9, 2019

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