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A good doctor diagnoses the symptoms before prescribing treatment. A good mechanic looks under the hood before writing an estimate. What makes a good arts leader? The smartest ones use data to take a deep look at root causes before making major changes.

Are you able to identify and address the root causes of your biggest challenges? It’s easy to point to seemingly unsolvable external factors, when solutions may lie in tweaking your existing practices. For example:

  • Is your shrinking subscriber base due to the “dying subscription model”? Data might reveal a root cause of low retention among single ticket buyers—something that you can work to change.
  • Is your low member acquisition due to declining arts participation? Data might reveal a low data capture rate at the front desk, which undermines your ability to invite current visitors back.

TRG’s analytics suite keeps our clients grounded in actionable truth, so that they can evolve with best practices to grow more loyal patrons. Armed with an accurate assessment of your organization or community, you can take informed actions that will grow loyal patrons and sustaining revenue.

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What people are saying about TRG's Analytics & Research:

"TRG has reoriented our thinking about ticketing in the digital age. They have provided our team a fact-based language to help interpret our patron and ticketing data for our entire staff. We only thought we knew our data. Now we live in it."

Jeff Loeb
Associate General Manager
The Pantages Theatre 


"Our biggest learning [from the Patron Loyalty Index] was this general concept of looking at patrons more holistically, taking into account subscriptions, single tickets, event attendance, and donations to identify loyalty. This analytical method led us to see who those patrons really are and quantify the importance of keeping them."

Bill Melamed
Chief Marketing and Development Officer 
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago 

Research & Analytics Options:


Patron Loyalty Index

TRG's signature analysis details loyalty—household by household in your database—to identify addressable loyalty groups. Read more>>

Key Metrics

Learn the major loyalty trends among your patrons as compared with other organizations. Read more>>

Patron Potential Assessment

This robust, detailed analysis helps you understand your organization’s place in the market. Read more>>

Arts Community Research

TRG is America's leading researcher of how people attend and give to the arts organizations in their community. Read more>>

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Recent posts on TRG Research:


On August 29, Data Center 2.0 will launch. Based on feedback from superusers during beta testing, here are our top three favorite new features: 

  1. A New Interactive Dashboard: snapshots of your patron data that allows you to quickly manage your campaigns and organizational health.
  2. New Campaigns Module: a better organizational structure to easily monitor all your marketing and fundraising campaigns in one place, with statistics about each list.
  3. New Interface: a modern design with improved navigation and an intuitive user experience, that is now mobile-friendly!    
Over the years, Data Center has helped organizations like New York City Ballet, Delaware Theatre Company, and Orpheus Chamber Orchestra attain their marketing and fundraising goals. 

Posted August 14, 2018


Jill Robinson
President & CEO

At the close of 2017, the National Center for Arts Research (NCAR) published a report The Burden of Rising Expenses: The Bottom Line in the Arts. 

The report looked at financial data of over 4,800 US arts organizations between 2013 and 2016, and raised the question "Are organizations bringing in enough revenue to cover their expenses?"

Jill's latest essay examines the findings alongside what we see in our work at TRG Arts: sustainability continues to be hard work for arts and cultural organizations. 

Posted January 22, 2018


This blog post was originally posted on the PatronManager Blog on December 19.2017. Many thanks to Gene Carr, CEO PatronManager for the invitation to contribute. 

Few people are talking about the arts industry’s biggest threat. The problem barely shows up in conference sessions, industry publications or workshops. It is not cuts to arts funding. It’s not greying audiences or Millennials. It’s not a lack of data. Though these issues deserve attention, the problem is patron retention—and its extent is staggering.

Posted December 22, 2017


Have arts leaders increased the loyalty of their patron in recent years? TRG Arts is the longest-standing aggregator of loyalty metrics in the arts industry and has recently refreshed its aggregated Patron Loyalty Index. In this presentation, we'll describe the ways patrons are behaving in terms of their recency, frequency, monetary investment and growth over time, across transactions in single tickets, membership, subscription, and donation.

Posted November 15, 2017

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