Patron Loyalty Index and Key Metrics

Patron Loyalty Index & Key Metrics

Next season’s patron loyalty starts now.

Hitting your ticket or donor goals is only half of a sound revenue strategy. If last year’s patrons didn’t come back this year, you’ve left money on the table.Growing loyalty keeps your patrons coming back, so your acquisition efforts mean more patrons instead of trying to outrun audience churn.

How loyal are your patrons? Find out with TRG’s signature pair of loyalty analyses, which show you an overview of loyalty that your organization can act upon:

  • The Patron Loyalty Index (PLI) details loyalty—household by household in your database—to identify addressable loyalty groups TRG calls Advocates, Buyers, and Tryers™. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how you compare with peers in the field, as well as what transactional attributes define loyalty uniquely at your organization.
  • TRG’s Key Metrics Report reveals major loyalty trends among your patrons as compared with TRG’s national sample. 

When your focus is on department-level campaigns, it's difficult to gauge individual patrons' loyalty as well as the overarching trends and pathways shaping audience development at your organization. PLI helps you look holistically at loyalty at your organization on an actionable, individual basis, while Key Metrics illuminates the most important data points which can inform loyalty strategies.

The findings from these two tools, delivered by TRG’s expert consultants, can inform better understanding of patron loyalty in your organization. Want to go even deeper? Add on a Patron Loyalty Sprint, and TRG’s consultants will spend a day with your team, creating an ready-to-implement, step-by-step plan to grow loyalty across your departments.

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PLI and Key Metrics Success Stories

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park: When declining subscriptions caused donations to dip, this organization re-examined their strategy for new and existing donors alike, resulting in a 51% increase in the number of annual fund gifts and a 28% increase in revenue. More>>


Our biggest learning [from the Patron Loyalty Index] was this general concept of looking at patrons more holistically, taking into account subscriptions, single tickets, event attendance, and donations to identify loyalty. Ordinarily we think of loyalists as the people we as staff see and interact with. But they are not just our board members and major donors. This analytical method led us to see who those patrons really are and quantify the importance of keeping them.

-Bill Melamed, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Ordway Center, Des Moines Performing Arts and Arena Stage: Learn how three different organizations got annual fund results through box office giving campaigns. More>>

 “Integrated campaigns, box office collaboration, and general coordination have increased significantly with the guidance of TRG. The PLI has given us freedom to talk to people that actually love theatre, instead of the fool’s errand that is finding rich people and convincing them to love theatre. PLI helps give shape to individual giving programs in the context of patron loyalty—it’s the long-term sustainability plan for theatres.”

-John Bourdeaux, Hartford Stage

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